Among these images are several that illustrates the understanding that as Christ received his human nature from the most pure Virgin, so the Heart of Jesus and Mary are one. Both in image and in text they illustrate not two separate hearts, but rather one inseparable Heart of Jesus and Mary.

Holy heart of Mary, 
united inseparably to the Heart of Jesus,
pray for us.

In this holy card, the dove, resting peacefully in the Heart of Mary, knows that the Mother's will is united inseparably to that of her Divine Son and that His will is one with that of the Father.
The Light of the Holy Spirit, breathed forth eternally from the Holy Trinity, draws all persons into unity.

With his permission, I share a message from our godson, Joshua:
"I was visiting Nest of the Doves for meditation inspiration and thoughts and in one of the pics that I have seen before but never noticed until today I saw that the sword was piercing BOTH hearts at the same time. It reminded me of an experience God allowed me have several years ago of the intense Love of Jesus for Mother Mary, and Mother Mary for Jesus, not a love that I could ever describe but the word that comes closest is complete. In addition to actually "feeling" the love that could not be contained, He allowed me to see a sword piercing both hearts and when one moved, the other bled a little so each experienced the others pain. I believe they both love us, with as much Love. Mother Mary once spoke these words to me..."Your tears are my tears, your joys my joys." The picture for some reason reminded me very much of that experience."

Holy Virgin
Chez Jean, Paris
Heart of Jesus and of Marie pray for us
Sweet Heart of Mary,
be for us the path
that leads to Jesus.
The Cross teaches us to pray, to love God as we ought.
Both the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary enlighten the heart
and warm with their love the soul that meditates on the Holy cross.

[Both the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary enlighten the heart 
and warm with their love the souls that place their hope in God]

For you I implore them each day.
Aubry, Paris

Love for the two hearts of Jesus and Mary

Door to the Sacred Heart
O, you who desire to establish your dwelling 
in the Heart of Jesus.   
Come, the Heart of Mary is the Door.
The Heart of Jesus watches over the orphans.
Turgis, Paris pl. 107

Captioned as Heart of Jesus, but imaged as Heart of Mary, the card brings text and image together to illustrate the unity of the Heart of Jesus and Mary and the unity of all believers.
The degree of purity determines the degree of union.
"The supernatural union exists when God's will and the soul's will are in conformity.
Therefore the soul rests transformed in God through love...
The illumination of the soul and its union with God corresponds to its purity."
~St. John of the Cross Ascent of Mt. Carmel BK. 2 CH. 5